1. Thankin about you. Na Kim, 2013

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    If you/your company needs help with front-end design/development for short/long-term projects/apps/things, Gabe Kelley is your dude. Features of Gabe Kelley include:

    • Brings his own coffee mug
    • Has a visor with dogs on it
    • Sometimes goes cross-eyed
    • Has worked with teams of different sizes
    • Has built apps of different sizes
    • Has built apps for different audiences
    • Likes when things look good
    • Inexplicably writes about himself strangely on the webs

    As of yesterday, Gabe Kelley gained a lot of time to work on YOUR projects. Tell him what to do — hello[at]gabekelley[dot]com.

    Hellllooo Gabe is a great friend and person and you should work with him!!

    I don’t reblog things that don’t relate to my work typically but this is one of my bestest friends and the most talented designer I know!! Hire this man

    Gabe is my hero. Gabe is my idol. 


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    Work by Hannah Hiaasen.
    Top: Lol Typewritten silk,
    (middle left) Sweater Fragment 
    (middle right) You
    Bottom: Utterance Typewritten silk

    Hannah Hiaasen is an interdisciplinary artist who works between the visual and textual in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the creative director and manager of Studio-HH, a traveling workspace that’s practice spans from performance, textiles, sculpture and poetry.  In 2014, she earned a bachelors of fine art in fiber from Maryland Institute College of Art.


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